Check Security Features of LaserSecure Fraud-Resistant Checks

LaserSecure™, The Genuine Fraud Resistant Check™, offers much more security than the average laser check used by Property Management companies. LaserSecure™ dramatically reduces forge attempts by offering an industry-leading TEN (10) security features.

How do I know if my check has any security features?

You can easily spot the security features your check has by looking on the back of it. There should be a legible area noting the security features, if your check has them. Click here for an example of what this may look like.

Why have Ten Security Features?

Simple: to dramatically reduce and/or eliminate the chances of your checks being forged. Average checks are the most common to be forged since they usually only have 3-4 security features. These “average” checks are the typical checks that you may be purchasing from your software vendor. Here’s a list of the ten security features that are sure to frustrate any counterfeiter! You can click the images next to the features to see an enlargement.

1. Thermochromatic Ink

Counterfeiters hate this one! LaserSecure checks have a special image printed with Thermochromatic Ink that disappears when heated. For instant verification, simply rub the "LS" logo on a LaserSecure check with your thumb!

2. Toner Anchorage

LaserSecure checks have a special coating that allows laser toner to adhere to the paper more effectively. When counterfeiters try to lift off type with tape, the check paper comes with it, destroying the check and any hope of changing information on it.

3. Ultraviolet Light-Sensitive Fibers

Color copiers can't reproduce this! When LaserSecure checks are held under an ultraviolet black light, the UV light-sensitive fibers glow a bright yellow-green.

4. 65-Chemical Sensitive Paper

When alterations are attempted by ink eradication solvents, LaserSecure checks react by changing colors and revealing "Void" in nine different languages.

5. True Watermark

When LaserSecure checks are held up to any light, a fourdrinier watermark, (pressed into the paper at the mill), is visible from either side. This dual-tone watermark is virtually impossible to replicate, and provides instant authenticity of the document.

6. Explicit Warning Banner

At the top of a LaserSecure check's face, an explicit warning banner is extremely apparent to alert bank tellers of the existing security features.

7. Copy-Void Pantograph

When counterfeiters try to scan or color copy a LaserSecure check, the word "VOID" appears to instantly ruin the attempted photo-copy.

8. Chemical Wash Detection Field

To aid the 65-Chemical Sensitive Paper, this detection field on the back of the check easily reveals the use of ink eradication solvents. Normally white in color, it will display the obvious color change on the check as a result of attempted "check washing".

9. Micro-Printing

Visible only with a magnifying glass, this micro-printed text can't be reproduced with a copier. The printed text is so fine; it appears as a normal line on the face of the check!

10. Laid Lines

On the back of LaserSecure checks are anti-splicing lines of varying width. These lines easily deter cut-and-paste alterations commonly tried by today's counterfeiters.

With advancements in technology, today's intelligent crooks don't rob banks. Instead, they search for easy checks to alter or copy.

Bank of America recommends that, "Checks should have a distinctive watermark or other special feature that makes reproduction difficult" and "Use check stock with fraud prevention security features."

LaserSecure™ is the Genuine Fraud-Resistant Check™ that ensures the safety and security of your financial assets. Specialty Graphics, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of LaserSecure™ at competitive prices for the top 25 Property Management software packages.